United Reservation Services Reviews Costa Rica

Costa Rica translates into “rich coast”. Not only does it offer rich biodiversity thanks to its natural history, but its people are also rated in the top countries in the Human Development Index. The way of life in Costa Rica is and has been one of cultural importance in the past and continues today with a strong love for the past and the peoples of the past. With very little outside influence on Costa Rican culture, not only is Costa Rica great for ecotourism but for cultural tourism as well, giving you the opportunity to experience both the unspoiled wilderness and the cultures of thousands of years. Continue reading

United Reservation Services Reviews Sacramento

Looking at the top destinations for travel and vacation, United Reservation Services invites you to take a closer look at the Sacramento area, a great place to explore on your California Vacation.

Sacramento, capital city of California and home to over 2.5 million in the metro area, it is one of the most diverse and ecologically minded areas in the U.S. Once a major distribution point and commercial and agricultural center today, Sacramento continues to grow and thrive offering residents and visitors alike, ample opportunities to explore the history, art and culture and many other sites and activities of interest year round. Continue reading